How to tell your audience about your live classes on Zenia
Thank you for joining Zenia! We're happy to have your classes on our app.

While we are promoting the app, it is crucial that you also invite your audience to join your classes. We kindly ask you to make posts and stories explaining what sets your classes on Zenia apart from other sessions that you may offer elsewhere.

How you can promote your classes on Zenia via your social channels

Post to your Instagram grid

  • Post a picture that we've sent you. You can also use your own picture or a video if you're sure that it'll work better for your audience.
  • Write a caption about your collaboration with Zenia and tag our account @zenia_yoga. Describe the benefits of practicing with you on Zenia, tell about what kind of classes you'll be teaching and how to participate
  • If you add information about your upcoming live class, don't forget to mention the timezone
  • Add a link to your class in your bio and encourage your followers to visit it.
Post to your Instagram stories

  • Create a talking-head video about your classes on Zenia or/and use a picture we'll send you.
  • Tag @zenia_yoga using the Instagram mention sticker.
  • If you have 10K+ followers, add a link to your classes to your story. If you have less than 10K followers, invite your audience to check out the link in your bio.
Post to your other social platforms

If you have followers on other social channels, make sure they're aware of this new opportunity to have an interactive class with you.

Repost the content where you were mentioned

Please, repost posts that Zenia or users create about you and your classes to your stories. Not only does this help people get connected to Zenia, it also boosts your popularity.
What you should highlight in your posts and stories

  • Don't forget to mention that the first 3 live sessions on Zenia are FREE for everyone.
  • With your personal promo code, users get 50% discount on the annual premium subscription (unlimited access to all live sessions and on-demand classes).
  • Users can redeem promo codes on their Profile by tapping on the Promo Code button.
Why Zenia is better than Zoom and other platforms

  • Everyone gets feedback. Even if there are many people participating in an event. Zenia tracks and analyzes users' alignment, compares it to the teacher's movements, and gives scores after each class. Teachers easily see who needs corrections and who does it right.
  • Live classes are secure. Teachers only see silhouettes, not people's faces or apartments.
  • Zenia access users' camera in order to track their movements but the app is completely private
  • Lots of classes in one app. Your students can deepen their practice and try different styles of yoga with our ever-growing collection of live and on-demand classes by experienced teachers.

Where to find live classes on Zenia

  • People can choose any of the upcoming live classes on the Home Screen of the app and explore all upcoming live sessions.
  • Or they can just go to your profile (if you also have on-demand classes on Zenia) to see when you're going live.
Encourage your users to tap the "Notify me" button in our app, so that we can remind them about your class.

Don't forget to mention that the first 3 live sessions on Zenia are FREE for everyone.
Digital assets (examples)
1:1 picture. Fits the IG grid, Facebook groups and pages, and the YouTube Community
You can choose the one you like the most. Since the first three classes are free for users, we've added the word "free" in the first pic.

9:16 picture. Fits IG and Facebook stories
You can use the one with a text on it or write your own text on the second one.
Please let us know if you need any other assets.