How to use Zenia?
  • Choose applicable course for you on the home screen
  • Press "Start Practice"
  • Please set up a comfortable volume level for you. The application includes voice advice from Zenia. Setting volume up is important if you want to receive full experience from the application
  • Place your phone on the floor by the wall or another stable object 2.5m from you
  • Follow voice instructions. When you stand in a pose in the right way you will hear the sound
Do I need an internet connection?
You need network connection when you:

  • Open Zenia for the first time
  • Need to load the latest yoga course and practices lists
  • Download yoga courses and other resources such as music packs to your device
A network connection is not necessarily required when you want to do yoga practice which has already been downloaded.
What price will be charged for renewal?
The price you will be charged when your subscription automatically renews depends on how you subscribed. If you subscribed via iTunes, check out this helpful article.
    How can I cancel my subscription?
    Cancellation steps can differ, depending on where you subscribed. Please review the info below to see the steps that apply to you: If you purchased your subscription via iTunes:

    • Open the Settings app
    • Scroll down to "iTunes and App Store"
    • Tap Your AppleID Email
    • Select "View AppleID" (You may be asked to log in)
    • Tap "Subscriptions"
    • Select the Zenia subscription
    • Tap "Cancel Subscription" to disable it from auto-renewing at the end of the current billing cycle
    Does Zenia spy on me? Who is watching? Do you record my data? Does Zenia take photos of me?
    The confidentiality of users' data is one of the core values for Zenia's founders. Although the frontal camera is used to recognize movements, it doesn't store data or record videos, nor does it save any data to a server. All calculations are made on the user's phone, using edge computing.
    Personal data
    Zenia doesn't send your photo/video anywhere without your permission. To request a full copy of all your personal data saved with Zenia, please email our support team at [email protected] It will take up to 30 days for us to provide depending on the number of other outstanding requests.
    Why do I need to put my phone so far away? I can barely see myself.
    Zenia's technology does need some space to capture all the movements correctly and give real-time feedback. Usually, 6.5 ft is enough. Once Zenia sees you, you don't need to look at the screen anymore. Just follow the voice instructions that we've developed together with experienced yoga advisers.
    Does Zenia monitor and track my progress?
    Yes. You don't need to create an account to see your current and longest streaks. You can do this even without registration. However, once you sign up, you can also see total time spent practicing and the number of completed classes and courses. We'll make the app's stats more detailed by Fall 2020. We'll also introduce a special Activity tab to make it easier for users to track their progress.
    Will Zenia work on my laptop, home computer camera, or smart TV?
    Yes, we'll start from the screen share for Apple TV and smart TV and then add other devices. We're planning to have laptops, home computer cameras and smart TV covered by the end of 2020.