Meet Zenia
Your personal yoga assistant

She uses motion tracking and the data from thousands of yoga lessons to analyze my movements.

A comfortable, reliable way to improve your yoga practice

  • Your Personal Assistant

    Zenia is the only yoga assistant you need to practice at home. She adapts to the pace, monitors progress and gives feedback based on individual metrics.

  • Unique Content

    Zenia aims to recreate the intimate experience of yoga practice with the instructor. Current version of the app features 4 guided courses and 14 sequences of different intensity and length.

  • Gentle Feedback

    Receive real-time feedback on your asana performance. Zenia uses front camera to recognize the movements and through voice provides gentle corrections to keep the practice safe and effective.

Zenia helps you to practice yoga whenever you feel like it!

Zenia encompasses the best of computer vision and machine learning. She uses motion tracking and the data from thousands of yoga lessons to analyze my movements. During the practice, Zenia provides gentle feedback and also takes care of basic safety rules.

Use your mobile device to practice yoga whenever you want

  • 5 curated courses created under the guidance of leading yoga instructors
  • 20 unique practices for every goal
  • Personal tracker to keep up with the practice

People love Zenia
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“@zenia_yoga is an incredible app helping creating yoga practices in an arms length reach. It’s simple to use and makes me feel like I’m in a private class being given personalized tips.”

Finlay Wilson
Kilted Yogi

“Really awesome yoga app! Quite easy to navigate, contains lots of different packs, power yoga, morning flows, etc.”

Alla Minaeve
Yoga Instructor
Alla Minaeve

“it’s easy-to-follow voice guide makes practicing at home simple for both the new yogi as well as the seasoned practitioner.”

Lauren Perry

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