Using Zenia
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How to use Zenia?
Zenia has three modes:
  • Single practice with Zenia AI's instructions
  • Interactive on-demand classes with yoga teachers
  • Live sessions
You can also take part in our Boat Challenge to compete with other users.

Whatever mode you choose, Zenia needs a little bit of space to track your movements. Allow the app to access the camera in your phone settings, then place the phone on the floor by the wall or another stable object 2.5m away from you.

During a class, you'll see your silhouette and the key joints of your body. Green means that you're doing everything right, red means that you need to correct your posture. Don't forget to set a comfortable volume level to get the best experience.

You can cast your practice to a big screen if your TV supports Chromecast (Android) or AirPlay (iOS).
Does Zenia monitor and track my progress?
Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, Zenia recognizes 16 joints of your body through your phone's camera and is able to analyze your movements. You get detailed stats on your asanas after each on-demand class and a summary of results after live sessions (if you allow access to your camera). You can also see the total time spent practicing and the number of completed classes and courses on your Profile.
What types of classes can I find?
With Zenia, you can have four completely different yoga experiences, all inside one app.

Single practices
Explore our collection of unique classes with Zenia AI. Just follow our voice instructions, and Zenia will instantly tell you if you need to correct your alignment. After each class, you'll see which asanas you've already mastered and what you should focus on going forward.

Interactive classes with yoga teachers
Practice with our on-demand videos from experienced instructors. Unlike YouTube videos, our classes are completely interactive – you'll be receiving real-time feedback as well as detailed stats and tips from the teachers on how to improve your performance.

Live Sessions
Join live yoga classes with instructors from all over the world. Just like in a real-life studio, your teacher will guide you through the process, give you tips, and correct any mistakes. The whole process is private and secure – teachers will only see your silhouette, not your face. You can also turn off your camera and just have a regular class without motion tracking (in this case, though, we won't be able to show you stats after a class).

Take part in our popular 1-minute Boat challenge, get to the top of the leaderboard, and compare your result with other yoga lovers.
How do I find the class that I need?
Single practices with Zenia AI:
Go to the Explore section to see our collection of classes. Then just tap on the class that you want and enjoy the practice.

Interactive classes with instructors:
You can find a gallery of our teachers on the Homescreen. Tap on any of them to learn more about our instructors and see what kind of classes they offer. Next, choose one that suits your mood today (each class has a different level, duration, and purpose).

Live Sessions:
Explore all available classes on your Homescreen or simply go to your favorite instructor's profile and see if they are hosting a session soon. To set a reminder, tap on "Notify Me."

You can also take part in our challenge (tap on the Challenges section) or just learn asanas one by one (tap on the Asanas section).
What styles of yoga can I practice with Zenia?
Right now, you can practice Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga, Power yoga, Yin yoga, and Restorative yoga, as well as some other styles. We add new courses every week, though, so our collection will continue to expand.
Does Zenia spy on me? Who is watching? Do you record my data? Does Zenia take photos of me?
The confidentiality of users' data is one of the core values for Zenia's founders. Although the frontal camera is used to recognize movements, it doesn't store data or record videos, nor does it save any data to a server. All calculations are made on the user's phone, using edge computing technology.
Why do I need to put my phone so far away? I can barely see myself.
Zenia's technology does need some space to capture all the movements correctly and give real-time feedback. Usually, 6.5 ft (or approximately 2 m) is enough. Once Zenia sees you, you no longer need to look at the screen. Just follow the voice instructions that we've developed together with experienced yoga advisers. We're also planning to make Zenia work on big screens by the second part of 2021.
How can I cast Zenia to my TV?
You can practice with Zenia on a big screen if your TV supports Chromecast (Android) or AirPlay (iOS).

In order to cast a practice from the Zenia app, you should start a practice session on the app and then tap on the cast icon in the upper right corner of your phone's screen. Visit Apple's support page or Chromecast Help page for more detailed instructions.