General Technical Questions
If you haven't found the answer to your question, feel free to message us at

What devices can I use to access Zenia?
For iOS devices:
Zenia works on all iPhone models starting from SE with an iOS version starting from iOS 13

For Android devices:
Zenia works on phones with an OS starting from Android 8.0 and with at least 2GB of storage.

Not all features are available on older models. If you've experienced any difficulties, feel free to drop us a message at and describe your problem in detail. We'll be happy to hear your feedback and will do our best to resolve your issue.
Do I need an internet connection?
You need an internet connection when you:

  • Open Zenia for the first time
  • Need to load the latest yoga course and practices
  • Download yoga courses to your device
  • Join live sessions
An internet connection is not required if you want to do a yoga practice you've already downloaded to your phone.
Will Zenia work on my laptop, home computer camera, or smart TV?
Yes, you can cast your practice from the Zenia app to a big screen if your TV supports Chromecast (Android) or AirPlay (iOS). In order to do it, you should start a practice session on the app and then tap on the cast icon in the upper right corner of your phone's screen and follow the instructions you'll see on your screen.

We're also planning to make Zenia work on laptops and home computer cameras in the near future.
Do I need a different Zenia account for my second/third/fourth device?
Your account (as well as your subscription) is connected to your Apple ID or Google Account. You can use Zenia on different devices with the same Apple ID or Google Account. You need different accounts if you use both iOS and Android devices.