Zenia: AI Guided Yoga & Fitness
Zenia is the most advanced motion-tracking fitness app with real-time feedback and detailed analytics.
AI yoga & fitness mentor that is always around
Just you and your phone. Only now, it really helps you reach your goals. Zenia creates a personalized plan for you, points out mistakes in real-time during your practice, and shares detailed analytics of your performance.
Get tips from Zenia to make each workout count
Be sure you're safe when improving your yoga skills
Take your home exercising to the future with motion-tracking
Zenia recognizes 16 joints of your body through the phone's camera and tracks spine curve to analyze your movements. That's how the app gives you the most accurate, real-time feedback when you practice yoga.
It combines all of the advantages of home exercising, online tutorials and the experience of going to a real-life studio for both students and instructors.
We welcome experienced yoga teachers to become part of the Zenia platform and provide your special courses in the app.
Zenia is a unique mobile platform
Motion tracking, voice feedback, and precise reports make your pre-recorded videos interactive
Zoom-like software instantly highlights students' mistakes during live classes
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Keep things private
The app needs access to your phone's camera but no one will see you during a class. Relax and focus on what really matters.
No personal data stored
Safe and secure experience
Offline mode
What people say about Zenia
We love hearing feedback from our users.
4.7 Based on App Store Ratings
Sorina C.

Really easy to use, great in details. A good app to learn and practice yoga at any stage.
June Yiga

Best yoga app I've ever tried. Feels like I have a personal coach
Erkin Yagci

Great app, fun to use and it makes you familiar with basic yoga poses while enjoying the process

I've been really loving Zenia. I'm not a professional by any means but it's really motivated me to start doing at least a short practice everyday!
The team behind Zenia
We're on a mission to make guided yoga and at-home fitness accessible to everyone. Want to join our team of passionate and driven professionals? Check out our current job opportunities or drop us a message.
CEO, Co-founder
Alexey Kurov
CTO, Co-founder
Dmitriy Zausaev
Head of R&D, Co-founder
Denis Sokolov
Head of Content, Co-founder
PR Partner
Anna Pozniak
Max Matuzov
Stanislav Demidov
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Press about us
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